The year is 1967, the midst of the Cold War. The latest attack spurred you to seek shelter, and as you enter your safe haven, relief quickly turns to panic...


  Players: 2 - 6

  Recommended: 3 - 4

  Difficulty: Easy or Medium

  Creepiness: Low

What a fine bunch of unwitting recruits you make...completely unprepared for the mission that lies ahead. Nevertheless, your team must work together to steal the valuables from this private art gallery. Failure is not an option.


  Players: 2 - 4

  Difficulty: Easy or Medium or Hard

  Creepiness: None

Egypt: 1995. The newly discovered Temple of Osiris has just been opened to the public; while eagerly exploring one of the many chambers, a member of your group accidentally sets off an ancient trap.


  Players: 3 - 8

  Difficulty: Medium or Hard

  Creepiness: Medium



An escape room is the industry term used to describe a themed room or set of rooms filled with physical and mental puzzles. Groups enter the experience without knowing exactly what to expect and attempt to escape or complete a mission within a set time-frame. It's a 'what-if' scenario brought to life that fosters team-building and bonding and is designed to appeal to groups from ages 16 and up.

A very common misconception is that escape rooms are akin to haunted houses. While some escape rooms may play on the scary angle, Gray Matter Escape does not try to recreate someone's worst nightmare. If we do create a scary room, it will be noted clearly and be rated extremely creepy.

Pricing is based on group size. See the full price breakdown below (tax not included in prices shown).
  • 2 people = $75
  • 3 people = $90
  • 4 people = $115
  • 5 people = $135
  • 6 people = $160
  • No matter the size of your group, we do not add strangers to your experience.

    To provide the best experience, the maximum capacity has been carefully determined by taking into consideration the space and game design. Additional players would be detrimental to the group experience and for that reason we do not allow more than the stated maximum capacity into the room.

    While some escape rooms are designed for children, Gray Matter Escape's experiences are intended for a more mature audience. Due to the content and complex nature of our room themes and puzzles, we strongly discourage participants under the age of 16. Children under 11 years old will not be permitted into the escape room. We give parents the final say regarding their own childrens' participation over the age of 11; however, we advise that no refunds will be issued because a participant did not contribute to, understand, or enjoy the puzzles.

    Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your booked start time for registration. We adhere to a strict timeline in order to keep all appointments on time and allow every guest their full and fair experience. If you happen to arrive past your booked start time, no matter the cause, the booking will be cancelled and is ineligible for a refund.

    Yes! Escape rooms are excellent team-building activities because they enable people to showcase skills that otherwise might never be recognized in typical office environments. The engaging nature of the puzzles fosters relationships and rapport between players, and groups must communicate to succeed. It's the perfect way to gauge how well a group works together in a fun and unique way.

    Please call us to let us know how many people will be involved and if you have any special requests. We will work with you to determine the best way to split up the group into teams, and how to book if more people may need to be added on arrival. Reservations will still be made through the website booking system, and one individual per team will need to pay in advance via credit/debit card. Food and drinks may be consumed in the conference area, and board games are available if anyone prefers to stay at Gray Matter Escape before or after their experience.

    Not very good... Drinking adult beverages before playing can greatly decrease your likelihood of succeeding while substantially increasing the chance of things being damaged, and yes, that includes your ego. To have the best experience possible, refrain from drinking prior to playing. We understand that you may choose to drink anyway, and if you do decide to partake before playing, you can't say we didn't warn you!

    This is handled on a case by case basis. If it was an item that broke due to normal wear and tear, we will do our best to move you forward through the game. If it was due to recklessness (not obeying stated rules), we may stop the game to prevent further damage and attend to repairs. In some instances where repairs are substantial enough or have caused delays or cancellations to other groups, the individual who booked may be invoiced to recuperate losses.

    Watching is only permitted if the 'watchers' have already done the room or have paid for their own ticket. Countless hours go into the development, maintenance, and running of our experiences, and experiencing them (either directly or through watching) will cost a ticket. Give us a call ahead of time so we can make sure we are set up for watching and to determine if there will be any conflict with watching for your booking. Unfortunately, swapping out of players during an experience is also not permitted.





    Gray Matter Escape is Lake Havasu's first and only immersive entertainment experience! Locally owned and operated since 2016, Gray Matter Escape's in-house designers conceive and build each puzzle by hand. Gray Matter Escape focuses on delivering private, story based experiences filled with puzzles that fully integrate into the themes to ultimately create the best escape room experience you'll ever have!

    With room for 6 friends and family, every participant enjoys the freedom to discover clues and work with others to solve mysteries. Complimentary photos after each experience provide you with a lasting memory.

    We appreciate your patronage and hope to see you soon!